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“Alumbrones” : Screening at Conde Contemporary

Join us for a screening and discussion of the documentary film "Alumbrones" with producer Fermin Rojas. This extraordinarily beautiful, uplifting and, oftentimes, poignant film focuses on 12 artists living and working in Cuba. One of the artists in "Alumbrones", Darian Rodriguez Mederos, will be in attendance. Work by five of the artists featured are currently on display in the gallery. Please RSVP to or call us at 239.961.0452. "This documentary feature looks at the work and lives of twelve contemporary Cuban artists, living in Havana today. Through in-depth interviews, the film covers a diverse range of subjects and issues, from supply shortages and constant blackouts ('apagones') to family life, love, sex and music. Visiting each person in their home and studio, the film explores the varying styles, techniques, themes, philosophies and ideas present in their work. Through this is revealed the many obstacles and difficulties that are faced on a daily basis and the feelings each person has towards the place they call home."