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Excerpt from IARTISTAS Q&A with Conde Contemporary Director : Stacy Conde



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Q&A with Stacy Conde gallery director of Conde Contemporary

Please tell our readers about the gallery which you direct.

Sure Didi, our gallery is called Conde Contemporary.  We're located on Calle Ocho in the historic neighborhood of Little Havana in Miami.  We specialize in contemporary Cuban art.

How long has the gallery been representing cuban art?

This project began with me representing Andres, my husband, who happens to be a Cuban artist.  As more and more artists starting coming to me seeking representation, I found I had a natural affinity for both Cuban artists and their work.  The gallery has been representing Cuban art since its inception a year ago, and has evolved to exclusively showing Cuban art about seven months ago.

What represents cuban art? Is it just the nationality of the artist or is there some other factor involved?

I think yes, nationality first and foremost.  After that you have to consider a debate that goes on over whether or not Cuban art ceases to be Cuban art if it's not created on the island.  Some say Cuban art can only originate in Cuba.  I disagree.  Cuban art must be created by Cubans, on or off the island.  I'm an American.  If I move to Paris do I suddenly become French?  No, I'm an American in Paris.  My nationality remains the same but my point of view, which is both geographical and situational, has certainly shifted, broadened even...  Cubans in the diaspora have an incredibly interesting perspective.  They see the world and their own country in a very unique way.

"La Hija de Conde"Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 72" x 60" Darian Rodriguez Mederos SOLD at ArtExpo NY
Sold Works
"Portrait of Alex"Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 36" x 48" Darian Rodriguez Mederos SOLD
"SOCIAL : Septiembre 1940"Acrylic, Oil and Silver on Canvas 30" x 48" Andres Conde SOLD
"SOCIAL : Febrero 1939"Mixed Media on Canvas 48" x 60" Andres Conde SOLD
"SOCIAL : Marzo 1947"Mixed Media and 23K Gold on Canvas 16" x 20" Andres Conde SOLD at ArtExpo NY
"Un Dia de Estos"Mixed Media on Canvas 51" x 48" Andres Conde SOLD
Available Works
"Auto Retrato"Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 46.5" x 58" Darian Rodriguez Mederos
"SOCIAL : Marzo 1939"Mixed Media and 23K Gold on Canvas 38" x 49" Andres Conde
From the Series "Karkinos"Mixed Media Etchings Printed on Fabric Aurora Molina
Art Santa Fe Features Conde Contemporary and Aurora Molina's Pioneros
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