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UPDATE : The Dark Arts of John Sevigny

UPDATE : Due to overwhelming demand we can no longer accept RSVP's for Friday the 29th, however, Mr. Sevigny has graciously agreed to a give a second talk on Saturday the 30 at 7:00pm. Please RSVP for Saturday's talk and exhibition to Thank You. Photographic artist John Sevigny was born in Miami and lived on the chaotic, US-Mexico border for four years. He weathered the worst of the drug war in Northern Mexico, and most recently has wandered around Central America in search of images and stories that illuminate what he views as a single region with shared dreams and similar nightmares. His work is frequently described as dark but for Sevigny, darkness is an alchemical ingredient in the artistic process rather than an esthetic end point. The greatest creators, he believes, recognize that art-making is often beautiful, uplifting and thoughtful but has a necessary dark side. For Sevigny, art has far more to do with wrestling with demons and staring into Nietzsche's abyss than many critics and historians would care to acknowledge.
John sevigny, ogguns path, conde contemporary, photography, little havana, art, central america
"Oggun's Path" - John Sevigny
In this 45-minute talk Sevigny discusses how metaphorical deals with the devil, his own beliefs and rituals, encounters with violence, and most importantly, themes central to Miami's collective identity continue to impact his photography nearly 20 years after leaving the city. He'll touch upon the redemptive, spiritual and esthetic power of Santeria, recount personal war stories from a very different Little Havana, and connect all of it to his new group of 14 photographs, Dark Arts, on exhibit the same night.
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"Jesus and Moses" - John Sevigny
Sevigny has taught, given workshops and lectured at schools and photography centers including: Pratt Institute, School of Visual Arts, Chicago Photography Center, El Gimnasio de Arte, Mexico City, University of Illinois Chicago, DePaul Univeristy, Museo del Arte, El Salvador, among others.  He has also been featured in more than 30 solo exhibitions globally, and published critical articles and photographs at Guernica Magazine, Blackstar Rising,, Art Papers and Latin American News Dispatch. This one night only event takes place Friday, January 29th from 7-10 pm at Conde Contemporary, 1007 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33130.  RSVP by calling the gallery at 239.961.0452 or email us at