Magical Gardens Tapestry Series

The Magical Gardens Tapestry Series is a project conceived by artist Aurora Molina and developed in Teotitlan Del Valles in Oaxaca, Mexico in collaboration with a group of artisans.

Teotitlan is a town on the outskirts of Oaxaca and is known for its woven tapestry work. Molina, who works primarily with textiles herself, began the project after realizing only eight families in Teotitlan continue to practice this traditional craft.  Weaving has been a source of income for generations, by introducing the artisans of Teotilan to a different set of aesthetic values, Molina challenges them to experiment with new styles and use them to keep this traditional art alive.

This tapestry series initiates an aesthetic dialogue wherein different materials and techniques are used for different characteristics of magical imagery and the symbols of an inviolate eden, the magical garden of early 17th century Florida.

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Magical Garden Tapestry Series

Wool and Natural Dyes

84" x 72"


Aurora Molina in collaboration with artisans in Teotitlan Del Valles Oaxaca

(Black and White) Oscar Perez

(Color) Enedina Bazan


Each design in the series is based on an original drawing by Aurora Molina. Molina is a Cuban born artist, educated in the United States and Europe. Her work has been shown globally and can be found in permanent museum collections.

Working in close collaboration with Aurora, a limited number of tapestries (carpets) are created by Oaxacan artisans.  The process is sustainable, environmentally sound, and supports the local economy.

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The current design is shown in a muted color palette as well as in black and white.  Each piece is made to order, with a turn around time from order to delivery of approximately eight weeks. Please contact Stacy Conde for further details.

See more of Aurora Molina's work here. 239.961.0452