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A collection of posts detailing current art trends, art history, and the perspective of Latin-American artists represented by Conde Contemporary fine art in the modern day and age.

Collecting on A Budget

We've been asked to give a talk, Collecting on A Budget, to a group we're delighted to host, Women United, "...a global force of 70,000 plus women dedicated to creating a world of opportunity, for everyone", at the gallery this month for a reception, talk and preview of the upcoming exhibition, "Return to Order", which opens on Friday, November 30th. 

It occurred to us, this might also interest you, so here's a basic overview.

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Stacy Conde
A Humanistic Revival

In Latin American art, something more intelligent, more human, is emerging, from colossal Olmec heads and gold Inca figurines, through the paintings of Dr. Atl, the Mexican muralists and the grande dame of Salvadoran painting Rosa Mena Valenzuela, Latin American art has always been humanistic, representational and figurative.

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Magical Realism Of A Cuban Dreamer

As a boy, Toledo del Rio and two close friends dreamed of being artists “in a society where things were very difficult.” They longed for a moment when someone would discover them, trust their work and guide then through the competitive world of fine art. In recent years, that opportunity arrived when curators from the Conde Contemporary art gallery in Miami discovered the magical realism of the young Cuban dreamer.

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