Conde Contemporary

Darian Mederos

The young Cuban born artist Darian Rodriguez Mederos works primarily in oil on canvas, his subject rarely strays from large photorealistic faces. His wildly popular “Obscura” series is a bit of a departure. The painter uses bubble wrap to create an abstraction of the subject, then paints the abstraction in photorealism. Mederos’ work is available at Conde Contemporary art gallery in Miami on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables.

Darian Mederos


Darian Rodriguez Mederos

b. 1992

Santa Clara, Cuba

Mederos attended his first two years of art school at Leopoldo Romañach.  His last two years of school were spent at San Alejandro in Havana.

Ironically the one thing Mederos was afraid to paint were faces; he committed himself to doing so.  The artist is drawn to the light in his subjects eyes, and the expressive nature of their visage. Rodriguez considers himself a realist, with his feet firmly planted on the ground.  He has no interest in the surreal, finding sufficient inspiration in reality.  Mederos has experimented with the slight deformation of facial features, but never alters the natural shape of the face.  He enjoys creating both realist and hyper realist works.

Darian is relentless in his pursuit for perfection, though he knows perfection is an impossibility. One of his favorite quotes is from Leonardo DaVinci, "Art is never finished, only abandoned."

Darian Rodriguez Mederos currently resides and works in Miami.