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Enrique Toledo

Enrique Toledo


Enrique Toledo

b. 1966

Santa Clara, Cuba

Cuban artist, Enrique Toledo, son of a poet, wife of an actress and father of another brilliant painter, was born on January 3, 1966 in Santa Clara, Cuba.  He graduated from Felix Varela University of Education in 1997, and worked as a professor of fine art at Felix Varela University from 1987-2000, when he decided to pursue his own career in art full time.

"Classical, baroque, a mocking, skillful perfectionist, Cuban Toledo is focused on his work having a sufficient culmination of the fantastic, like diving into the idyll with an interrogative sense of what would happen if at one point his characters leave the frame, which is really what they want, to accompany us for life." - Lezama

His work has been shown in Cuba, the US, Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  The artist's painting "Santa Clara", namesake to the city of the artist's birth, was one of only three official items gifted to Pope Benedict on his visit to the island.  "Santa Clara" is now in the Vatican's extensive permanent collection.

Enrique Toledo currently resides and works from his studio in Santa Clara, Cuba.