Conde Contemporary

"Divos" by Havi Schanz

                                       “Divos” by Havi Schanz


Havi Schanz celebrates the Golden Age of cinema with striking portraits of some of the most recognizable and storied faces in film. Complimenting Schanz’s “Divas” series, “Divos” pays tribute to the divine masculine. Capturing the soul of the subject, the artist’s portraits communicate the most private of thoughts with us through their uncannily expressive gaze. Schanz primarily works in acrylic with a palette knife on canvas. Schanz’s portraits are sought after by collectors and celebrities alike, several of which, including a portrait of Gloria Estefan, reside in the collections of Donald Trump, Pamela Anderson and Argentinian singer Diego Torres, to name but a few. Please contact Stacy at Conde Art for further information or to arrange a private showing. T. 239.961.0452 E. . The “Divos” exhibition runs through October 3rd.