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Learning How To See : A Photography Workshop by John Sevigny

Learning How to See : A Photography Workshop by John Sevigny


Learning How to See : A photography workshop by John Sevigny

We are never taught to see. We are born with eyes and as we grow our functional vision, that is, the vision we need to drive, shop for groceries, or recognize friends improves over time.

But only to a point. 

Artists, particularly photographers, are defined in part by a heightened sense of vision, something called visual literacy in academic circle. Visual art and its creation demand fluency in a vocabulary that may rely on symbols, colors, shapes, iconography, symbolism and the way all those elements and others work together to form a composition.

Miami, a colorful city full of contradictions, beauty, absurdity and a glistening, crystalline light that borders on the Venetian, is the perfect setting for such a study. 

Course objectives: In this six hour course - three hours on Saturday and three on Sunday - you will:

* improve and better understand the operation of your camera

* learn composicional techniques that can turn snapshots into art

* discuss works by photographic masters and identify what makes them "work."

* use time-tested techniques to photograph people on the street

* Explore the relationship between photography's 200 year history and the 30,000-year history of visual art.

* have your work constructively critiqued by a veteran photographer and teacher

* See Miami in ways you never have before

Requisites: A DSLR or mirrorless camera and a good pair of walking shoes. No previous photography education is required.

About the instructor:

John Sevigny is an internationally known photographer who has taught photography in New York, Chicago, Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala. Most recently he spent five years teaching post-graduate level photography at the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) in El Salvador. As an artist he has had nearly 50 solo exhibitions and his work has been featured in countless newspapers and magazines. He has written extensively about the history of art, photographic technique and the creative process. He is a Miami native who divides his time between his hometown and Latin America. He has worked for the Associated Press, EFE News in Miami and many other newspapers.

* The weekend photography workshops take place on the weekends of 9/10 and 9/11 and 9/17 and 9/18, from 3-6 pm both days. Participants will meet at CCPS in Little Havana, for a talk, then embark on a walking photography tour with John Sevigny.
Tickets are $75.00 per person, per weekend. Space is very limited as each group will consist of 8-10 people. Order your tickets here now!

* "Learning to See" Photography Workshop is part of a larger project by John Sevigny, "La Fiesta Brava".  Click here for details.