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José Bedia

José Bedia


José Bedia

b. 1959

Havana, Cuba

José Bedia began his education at the world renowned art school San Alejandro.  He went on to graduate with honors from ISA , Instituto Superior de Arte de la Habana, Cuba.  Bedia is a pioneer of the radical transformation of Cuban Art ignited by the seminal exhibition "Volumen 1", of which Bedia was an integral part. 

His passion for the primal Amerindians complemented his anthropological studies on Afro-Transatlantic cultures, studying in depth the faith, beliefs and religion of “La Regla Kongo” (he was initiated in 1983), “Regla de Ocha”, and the Leopard Society of Abakuas, among many others.

Bedia's works reside in important private and public collections globally, including : Museo Nacional Palacio de Bellas Artes (Havana, Cuba), MoMa (NYC), The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC), Whitney Museum of American Art (NYC), Guggenheim (NYC), Tate Modern (London), Smithsonian Museum (Washington), The Colección Daros (Zurich), MEIAC (Badajoz, Spain), DA2 (Salamanca, Spain), IVAM (Valencia, Spain), CAAM (Gran Canaria), MOCA (Los Angeles), and PAMM (Miami), among others.

His {Jorge Perez of the Perez Art Museum in Miami} Latin American favorites include...Cubans José Bedia and Rubén Torres Llorca, both of whom he believes are severely undervalued today.
— The Miami Herald