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Mariana Monteagudo

Mariana Monteagudo


Mariana Monteagudo
b. 1976
Caracas, Venezuela

“Mariana Monteagudo comes from a long line of artists. She was raised in and around art as a matter of fact, a way of life.
Monteagudo’s work is imbued with intention, created from repurposed and primarily found objects, her sculptures emit an otherworldly
quality. Her work is alive with dichotomies, strangely familiar yet completely foreign, beautiful and grotesque. She maintains this alchemical balance with a delicacy rarely seen.” - S. Conde

"Award winning Sculptor Mariana Monteagudo is a Miami based artist who has been working her series of doll sculptures over the last decade. Her latex, ceramic and mixed-media figures are unique, intriguing and fascinating. Her artwork shows interest in a wide range of references, from the pre-Columbian aesthetics, to fashion, tv pop culture, Japanese manga and mass-market toys.
Muñecas (Dolls) is the generic term Monteagudo uses to describe her creations since 1998. With them, the artist has received important awards and exposure, and her pieces have been featured in solo and group shows and fairs in Madrid, Miami, Chicago, Aruba, Caracas, New York, Sao Paulo, and other venues. Her unusual characters have attracted the attention of critics and her work is part of the MOLAA Museum in California, Everson Museum, NY, Cesar Gaviria Trujillo Collection, among other contemporary art collections."

 Evelyne Politanoff, THE HUFFINGTON POST