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Agnes Grochulska

Agnes Grochulska


Agnes Grochulska

b. 1974

Warsaw, Poland

Born Agnieszka Grochulska, Agnes studied industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland.

"I am interested in a broad spectrum of themes and subjects in my art. I feel drawn to the landscape around me and try to capture the essence of the place, the moment, the feeling.

In my process I try to rethink tradition in art by deconstructing traditional ways of drawing and painting in search of significance in the portrayed subject and an unique artistic voice.

I appreciate the  principles of classical art and the works of the masters and at the same time I am trying to follow my own artistic path. I strive to convey the truth about my subjects as I see it. I take my time to look at things, to really look at things around me, and hope the viewer will see it when they in turn - take their time to look at the work I’ve created."

Grochulska's work can be found in private collections throughout Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States

The artist lives and works in Richmond, Virginia.