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Serlian Bareto

serlian barreto


Serlian Barreto

b. 1997

Havana, Cuba

Serlián Barreto was born on September 9, 1997 in Artemisa, Cuba. He felt a certain taste for the arts since he was a child and entered high school workshops at the age of 12 in order to enter the Academy of Arts. At the age of 15, after completing some exams, he passed and entered the Academy of Arts of San Antonio de los Baños, Eduardo Abela, during the 2012-2013 academic year. After a year at the academy, he is transferred to the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro, 2013-2016. After completing his studies, he became part of the faculty of the school being a teacher of the academy, teaching different degrees such as the first, second and third years of the race between 2016-2019. Since then he has been a participant in various collective and personal exhibitions inside and outside of his native country. He has won national and international prizes, an example of this is the First Prize at the Naples Palace of Arts- PAN, Italy with the Paloma Art Project. He has also been nominated by the Journal of Art and Literature El Oficio which collects several of the most prestigious young artists of the island. Serlián currently lives in Miami.