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Sueños Lucidos

Sueños Lucidos : Posada del Tepozteco

Sueños Lucidos by Luis Enrique Toledo del Rio

Sueños Lucidos by Luis Enrique Toledo del Rio


Conde Contemporary, the gallery in Coral Gables, FL, known for its representational works and focus on contemporary Cuban art, and Posada del Tepozteco, the historic mansion turned hotel and founding member of "Tesoros Mexico", present "Sueños Lucidos", featuring the work of Luis Enrique Toledo del Rio, opening at Posada del Tepozteco in Tepotzlan, Mexico on Friday, January 6th at 6:00pm with a second opening reception on Saturday, January 7th also at 6:00pm.

"En esta exhibición trato de trasladar al expertador mediante puertas virtuales a otros universos de magia y surrealismo, en donde se trasmite lo onírico e idílico que pueden ser un viaje al inconsciente colectivo. Podremos asegurar que es el mundo interno que no conocemos de nosotros mismos, un lugar de situaciones circundantes del ser, como es el viaje, el tiempo, el deseo, sentires, aflicciones, miedo y misterios. Es una exploración de nuestro inconsciente, un psicoanálisis personal, donde objetos arquetípicos funcionan como el medio para comunicar mensajes llenos de símbolos e iconos que trasmiten vivencias de nuestro sueños lúcidos". - Luis Enrique Toledo del Rio.

"In this exhibition I try to move the viewer through virtual doors to other universes of magic and surrealism, where the dreamlike and idyllic is transmitted, as a journey to the collective unconscious. We can ensure that it is the inner world that we do not know about ourselves, a place reflecting states of being, such as travel, time, desire, feelings, afflictions, fear and mysteries. It is an exploration of our unconscious, a personal psychoanalysis, where archetypal objects function as the means to communicate full messages of symbols and icons that transmit experiences of our lucid dreams". - Luis Enrique Toledo del Rio


"Toledo del Rio's art is magical, symbolic and often depicts diaphanous figures in nature. This magnificent ancestral home, turned hotel, with its' scenic view of the Tepotzlan Valley is the perfect stage for an exhibition of his surrealist work", says Stacy Conde, Director of Conde Contemporary.

"At least one of the protagonists in my work is always in some way associated with the forest, magic or the oneiric", agrees Luis Enrique Toledo del Rio.

Detail of Genesis by Luis Enrique Toledo del Rio.

Detail of Genesis by Luis Enrique Toledo del Rio.


"I half expect one of Luis Enrique's figures to appear from around the next corner at any moment", continues Conde.

The 28 year old Cuban painter, currently residing in Quito, Ecuador, has long been fascinated with Mexico. His father, master painter Enrique Toledo, has exhibited many times in Mexico over the years, bringing home souvenirs of embroidered fabrics, and tales of meetings with foreign artists in an unfamiliar landscape.

"What is very gratifying for me is to be able to exhibit my work in a nation which overflows with surrealism, magic, archetypes and symbolism. ...a land culturally strong, from its roots up. Additionally, it's a great honor to show my work in a country that helped develop, one of my favorite artists and a great influence on my work, Remedios Varo."