Conde Contemporary
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Conde Contemporary is a fine art gallery based out of Corabl Gables & Miami. Conde Contemporary specializes in figurative art, portraiture, surrealism, representational art, cuban art, contemporary cuban art, realism, expressionism, oil paintings, sculpting and sculptures. 

On a recent Thursday night, the Conde Contemporary Gallery on Miracle Mile held the opening for its new show, “Idols of the Tribe,” a collection of symbolic and magical realism works mostly by Cuban and Latin American painters and sculptors. If the gallery scene in the Gables is dead, no one bothered to tell the more than 400 people who came through the gallery that night.
— JP Farber, Coral Gables Magazine
Conde Contemporary is that rare combination of tradition and freshness so needed in the contemporary art world. Her selection of artists and how she presents her program is engaging, immersive and so beautifully leaves room for personal narrative. As a bonus, Stacy embraces the special relationship between fine art and design that should envelope our surroundings and daily lives.
— Grela Orihuela, Director Aqua Art Miami + Art Wynwood / Executive Producer Wet Heat Project
...his {Andres Conde} figurative pieces of pre-revolutionary Cuba evoke both a wistful sense of time’s past and a tempest of violence on the horizon.
— Brickell Magazine
I paint primarily expressionless faces; the faces themselves show no emotion. The main expression in my work is in the eyes of my subjects. What is behind their eyes I can not say, it’s open to interpretation.
— Darian Rodriguez Mederos in Miami artZine
Natasha Kertes masterfully mixes contemporary mediums and references with classic subjects. In her photographs...the viewer’s eye is subtly challenged when neat figures posing in the fashion of academic portraits wear every-day-use elements as part of their customs, or maybe –not without a great sense of humor– a fly has landed on the chin of an impeccable face (Arrangement in White, 2013).
— Yuneikys Villalonga, Curator and Art Critic
Which is to say that Ardavin, like many artists Conde represents, is a Modernist in the truest sense of the word. He seeks to blaze a path into the future while keeping an eye on artistic traditions.
— John Sevigny, Writer, Photographer and Art Critic
Mi obra sangra y canta, reverencia y cuestiona al tiempo mediante estas perturbadoras puertas que se abren y cierran más allá de nosotros. Su magia está en la imagen quizás escondido dentra de una amalgama de misterios.
— Luis Enrique Toledo del Rio for Status Magazine, Ecuador