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Visual Therapy


Visual Therapy : The Effects of Art As Manifestation on Artist and Viewer

The multidisciplinary exhibition "Visual Therapy - The Effects of Art as Manifestation on Artist and Viewer" opens Thursday, September 28th, 2017, 6:00pm at The Frank, Pembroke Pines new multi-million dollar gallery and exhibition hall, located at 601 City Center Way in Pembroke Pines.

"Visual Therapy", conceptualized by Conde Contemporary Gallery Director and author, Stacy Conde, features two immersive video installations, photorealistic, academic, and expressionistic portraiture, conceptual art, surrealism, photography, and performance art. "Visual art offers a direct view into the mind of its creator.  A work of art begins with a thought formed in the artist’s mind. The artist manifests their vision, creating a physical object.  …a representation of an inner reality. The creation of this object, or work of art, has an impact on both the artist and viewer.

"The Man From the Keys", Darian Rodriguez Mederos

"The Man From the Keys", Darian Rodriguez Mederos

Though conventional wisdom would have us focus on art and not the artist, this exhibition, “Visual Therapy”, examines both the psychological motivations of the artist and the response their work evokes in the observer. "Do they correlate? Does it matter?” explains Conde.

Featured artists include: Anthony Ardavin, Julio Figueroa Beltran, Patricio Gonzalez Bezanilla,  Bill Bilowit, Andres Conde, Agnes Grochulska, Natasha Kertes, Marilyn Loddi, Reynier Llanes Marquez, Darian Rodriguez Mederos, Raiman Rodriguez Moya, Enrique Toledo, Luis Enrique Toledo del Rio, and Luis Rodriguez Noa.

Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres served on the plaza.

Exhibition programming includes art appreciation workshops for adults and children led by curator, writer and art critic, Yuneikys Villalonga. Adult Art Appreciation Workshop will be held Saturday, September 30th, from 2pm-4pm. Children’s Art Appreciation Workshop, for children ages 8-12, Saturday, October 14 from 12pm-2pm.  RSVP for classes at 954.392.9420 or by registering online at

The exhibition, "Visual Therapy" closes on November 30th.