Conde Contemporary
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Conde Contemporary specializes in representational work, with a concentration on narrative realism, photorealistic portraiture, surrealism and contemporary Cuban art.

Featured artists include : Anthony Ardavin, Julio Figueroa Beltran, Andres Conde, Darian Rodriguez Mederos, Enrique Toledo, Luis Enrique Toledo del Rio, Luis Rodriquez Noa, Alexandra Slava Sevostianova, Reynier Marques Llanes, Ruben Torres Llorca, Agnes Grochulska, Antonio Luquin, Natasha Kertes, and Raiman Rodriguez Moya.



Ruben Torres Llorca

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Enrique Toledo

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Anthony Ardavin

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Agnes Grochulska

more art from Agnes  >>


Luis Rodriguez NOA

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José Bedia

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Danco Robert Duportai Garcia

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more art from Alexandra  >>


Darian Mederos

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Luis Enrique Toledo del rio

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Natasha Kertes

more art from Natasha  >>


Elaine Del Cerro Yau

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Ernesto Capdevila

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raiman rodriguez moya

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Nestor Arenas

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Heriberto Mora

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Conde Contemporary is a fine art gallery established in 2013 and located in Coral Gables, FL. 
We specialize in representational works, with a concentration on narrative realism, photorealistic portraiture, and surrealism.
Additionally, COCO provides art consulting services for private collectors, public collections as well as commercial and residential projects.
From procurement to shipping and installation Conde Contemporary and our partners are able to accommodate all your needs.