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Return to Order

Return to Order


Return to Order.

Join us on Friday, November 30th, at 6:00 pm for the opening of "Return to Order" a group exhibition featuring :  Anthony Ardavin, José Bedia, Andres Conde, Elaine Del Cerro Yau, Danco Robert Duportai Garcia, Agnieszka (Agnes) Grochulska, Natasha Kertes, Darian Rodriguez, Luis Rodriguez Noa, Marion Sulkin, Enrique Toledo, Luis Enrique Toledo del Rio, and Ruben Torres Llorca.

Born of the savagery of war, and named for a book of essays, "Le rappel a l’ordre" by Jean Cocteau, return to order was a life affirming European art movement which marked a return to the traditional and rejection of the avant garde so prevalent in the years leading up to World War I.

"...Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso the inventors of cubism, with its fragmentation of reality, abandoned it for more traditional styles. Classicism was an important thread in the return to order, and in the early 1920s Picasso entered a neoclassical phase. Braque painted calm still life and figure pictures which, while still having some cubist characteristics, were simple and readable. The former Fauve painter André Derain and many other artists turned to various forms of realism. Futurism, with its worship of the machine and its enthusiasm for war, was particularly discredited. In Germany the Neue Sachlichkeit (or ‘new objectivity’) can also be seen as part of the return to order." -

The exhibition "Return to Order" represents the humanization of art and unashamedly embraces representation of the human form and the natural world, while allowing for expression of the artist's individual point of view.
The exhibition closes on January 2nd.